Mastering SEO in 2024: Uncover the Top 3 GA4 Reports You Need to Know


  • Utilize three pivotal GA4 reports to refine your SEO strategy in 2024.
  • These reports are: Landing Page Performance, Content Gap Analysis, and Funnel Exploration.
  • Learn how to set them up, interpret their insights, and integrate these insights into your marketing strategy.

In the ever-evolving realm of SEO, staying ahead means constantly adapting and learning. Embracing the new while grounding ourselves in foundational principles is key. So, as we transition from 2023 to 2024, let’s focus on an essential tool for our journey: GA4 reports. Here are three vital reports that can significantly influence your SEO strategy in 2024, originally discussed by Adam Tanguay on Search Engine Land.

1. Landing Page Performance

How It’s Set Up:

  • Navigate to Engagement > Landing Page in GA4.
  • Add a Conversion column and choose a primary conversion metric.
  • For deeper insights, include a Source/Medium dimension.

Insights and Strategy:

  • Identify high-traffic pages with low conversions. These need optimization.
  • Spot low-traffic pages with high conversions. These contain valuable insights for replication or increased resource allocation.
  • Analyze channel and landing page performance to identify areas needing ad-to-landing page optimization.

2. Content Gap Analysis

How It’s Set Up:

  • Use the Landing Page report to select a set of pages.
  • Categorize these pages based on segments like buying journey stages, primary products/services, or audience personas.

Insights and Strategy:

  • Identify which content segments are underrepresented.
  • Align content strategy with overall business goals.
  • If certain content areas are lacking (like middle-funnel content), prioritize them accordingly.

3. Funnel Exploration

How It’s Set Up:

  • Go to Explorations > Funnel exploration in GA4.
  • Define funnel steps, such as visiting a blog page and then completing a conversion event.
  • Add a Dimension or Breakdown to see user acquisition channels.

Insights and Strategy:

  • Understand user behavior and conversion paths from top entry pages.
  • Identify content that draws traffic but doesn’t convert, and adjust your CTA strategies.
  • Use insights to optimize parts of your site for better user journey and conversion rates.

As we navigate 2024, remember that mastering GA4 is not just about keeping up with Google’s changes. It’s about finding clarity in the chaos of data, much like finding calm in a storm. Embrace these reports as your compass, guiding your SEO strategy towards more informed and effective decision-making.

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